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Dead Letter Radio

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If you'd like to have your work possibly featured on a future episode, here's how:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Include your work in a pdf or word document along with a title, how you would like to be credited (can be anonymous), and some background info on the piece (optional).
  3. Can be a poem, short story, letter etc. If a short story, keep it less than 650 words. If your piece has profanity, an edited version would need to be sent in. Please send in one submission at a time.

Feb 28, 2022

A vintage sounding podcast sharing original poetry and writing submitted by you, the listeners!



Oatmeal_or_Porridge @Reddit


Michael Yates



Pierre Mardirosian

Steve Snyder

hanseikai @Reddit

panpsychosis @Twitter

Lauren Starbird

A. Z. Dada

Elena-Andrada Cretu

Bigsby Drake the Third

deathpsychh @Reddit



Nancy Botta


David Kujawa

Taize Jones


Justin Smith

Collin Young

Dee G Moray

Lex Fraher

Dominic Cyril Roberts

Elliot Brady

Eric Nolan

tree of ténéré

Noodle-pics @Reddit

viemnt.iris @Instagram

Alex Benedict


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